Why I Decided to Stop Writing Posts on Marriage?

If you know me or has ever read my posts, you’ll probably understand I write more on marriage. And most of my posts are revolving around this one topic… But today I decided to stop writing about marriage anymore. And I’ll share with you the reason for this decision.

Before starting, I should give you a glimpse of my marriage. My husband and I met four years before our marriage, and we were good friends. We both liked each other and wished to spend the rest of the journey together. He proposed me and also approached my parents for their approval. The same year he was blessed to study abroad, and we both had to wait four years for our marriage. Our marriage was on June 27th, 2015, and he had only one month of holidays. It turned out like we spent only 15 days together after our marriage which was fully packed with visiting relatives, functions and things like that. Days ended faster, and he left. Next year he came for a 15 days visit to India and this time I was working. However, we managed to spend time together and have fun.

Time flew fast, and he left abroad for his work. And God blessed us with a son. But the waiting period didn’t get over, and we both prayed to God to bless us to stay together. And finally, we were blessed to stay together when our son was eight months old. So, we nearly waited for two years to be able to stay as a family, and we started it with a baby :).

happiness in marriage


And we started our life together. It wasn’t an easy path. We had differences in opinions, food habits, personal preferences and so on. And the more we became closer, the more it became visible.

But whatever the differences, there was one thing I used to do from the beginning of our relationship which is respecting the God-fearing man in my husband and hearing to his advice and suggestions.


And the three things that he used to say was:-

“We need to pray more..”

“Either we can live a life of adjustment or a life of love, and for the second one we need more of God’s love.”

“Always try to cast away rebelliousness in any form through prayer and supplications.”


And these words motivated me as a wife, and I was willing to do anything to build a virtuous home. And if you check, all my marriage posts were written in this first year of staying together as a family. It was my pursuit to find the secret for a lasting marriage.

And I believe I found it, and there is nothing more or less to add to it.

Whether you understand it or not, knowing God more and His love will transform your marriage. And that is the key for a marriage with peace, love and hope.


It took time for me… But never give up following the word of life… Never give up pursuing oneness even in the smallest decisions you both make… Do everything together… Consider the interest of your partner more than yours… Enjoy a Christ-Centered life!

Thank you,

Indu Sara



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