How to Start a Christian Blog in Simple Steps?

Do you believe there is a calling in your life to start a Christian blog? If yes, I want to tell about my journey of Christian blogging! It is good to hear others story because it can inspire you and you can also learn from others experiences. So let’s hear my story as well as learn how to start a Christian blog in simple steps?

My story

I never thought I will be a Christian blogger. Started as a parenting blogger and I was eventually led by God to be a faith blogger. I believe it was not an accident but the works of the Lord. There is a wonder when you are led by God because He will be always there to guide you and show the right direction. I can testify that I never lost money unnecessarily for any blogging tools or courses. But God guided me to make the right choices at the right time. And I praise God for that.

So, you should be aware of the fact that there are tons of courses and materials in the blogging world to help you, but you will waste a lot of money if you are clueless. So, be on ALERT!

Let’s start! I will keep this concept of blogging simple and relatively easy to understand.

How to start a blog in simple steps

  • Select your blogging platform
  • Select the web host
  • Buy domain name
  • Link the domain name to your blog
  • Design your Christian blog

Select your blogging platform

To understand this, you should know what is a blogging platform?

The blogging platform is the platform or the software on which you will be working for building up your website.
There are so many blogging platforms, but my favorite is WordPress and I highly recommend it.

WordPress is super easy to use once you master the software and it has countless free plugins and themes.

(Plugin – It is a piece of software that adds the functionality of a website i.e it helps to add an additional feature to your website

Theme- It refers to the appearance or display of a WordPress website)

Select the Web Host

Here, you have to think a little… There are 2 types of web hosting services.

  1. Self- Hosting
  2. Free Alternative

(Web Hosting provider is a service that allows individuals or organizations to post their website on the internet. Hope it’s clear!)

Free Web Hosting service has many limitations such as you may not have access to all the plugins, themes and also there is an inherent restriction on customization and functionality.

But on the other hand, Self-Hosting web services gives you more flexibility and you are the boss of your site with all the options needed to take it to the next level.

I prefer Self- Hosting with SiteGround.

Disclosure: If you purchase through one of my links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission which helps me to keep my site up and running.

When I started blogging I was working with a different hosting company and I was not satisfied with the support they provided.

So, I decided to switch my hosting to SiteGround and it is almost going to be a year and I have only good to say about them.

Web Hosting

Why SiteGround?

  • 98% client satisfaction rate.
  • Building a new WordPress site on SiteGround’s platform is really
    easy with their unique WordPress Starter plugin.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificates.
  • Secures client sites.

SO, I am continuing assuming that you have decided “WordPress” as the hosting platform and “SiteGround” as the Web Host”.

In simple terms, you have rented a space on the internet which is the hosting platform and the company that has enabled you to rent an area on the internet is called the Web Host.

Buy Domain name

Now, you need to name the space you have rented on the internet which will be your domain name or the website name.

Let’s see how to do that…

Choose your hosting plan

step 1

–>The start-up plan is ideal for people planning to have one website.

–>Once you click the link “Get Started”, you will be directed to the next page which is about choosing a domain name.

step 2

Please note that Site Ground also has free website transfer if you want to change your Hosting company. I had my website transfer for free and they did it for me! 🙂

—>Review and Confirm

step 3

The highlight is you can enjoy all the features offered by SiteGround with just 5.95 $ per month if you choose the GrowBig plan and 3.95 $ per month if you go with the StartUp plan.

Link the domain name to your blog

Once you have bought the hosting plan from the web hosting company, there is a quick and easy way to install the WordPress software. WordPress installation in SiteGround is easier with a “one-click” WordPress install solution on their control panel.

Design your Christian Blog

Now it is your turn to look around and learn the WordPress software. You will be having the WordPress dashboard, and you can customize the theme of the blog. At first, the learning curve is bit steep but over the course of time, you will love it!

Resources for Beginner Bloggers

In the initial days of the blogging, I was determined to learn all by myself. Not because I knew everything but it was hard to choose the right resource among the many available in the market. So, I ended up searching youtube videos and WordPress beginner tutorials. The journey was not easy with my less technical expertise. But God enabled me through all my sleepless nights and efforts.

It took me more than 6 months to learn everything at my own pace. There are times of discouragement and the hard feelings to quit but God sustained me. So, I can say it is possible to learn all these things by yourself if you are passionate, consistent, and determined to blog.

But I should admit that I started gaining more traffic on my website after the blog audit by LeeAnn. a retired Navy Veteran and Girl Boss Ninja Coach. She helped me to gain more focus on branding, SEO, and organic traffic. She offers free training on identifying your target audience, a guide to monetizing blogs and making money with Pinterest ( links are given below in the free resources list ).

FREE RESOURCES (My Favorites!)

Who is my Avatar? – How to clearly define your target audience by LeeAnn
How to monetize your Blog – Learn the basics of how to learn money as a blogger by LeeAnn
Beginners guide to making money with Pinterest– Learn the basics of using Pinterest for profit by LeeAnn
WPBeginner – Beginner’s guide for WordPress
WPCrafter – Youtube Channel to teach WordPress for Non-Techies
Elizebeth Gidley – How to make a blog to do list in Trello


By His Grace Bloggers Group

My favorite group to engage and be inspired as a Christian Blogger.
Christian Women Bloggers Unite

Here you can engage with other bloggers, share blog posts and get support.
Girl Bosses Rock Blogging Boot Camp

Amazing place to learn about blogging.
Called to Blog

Another Facebook group to engage with other bloggers and share content.
Blessing Bloggers

A place where Christian bloggers encourage, share, connect and pray.
The Organized Blog Society

A Facebook group that helps you to be organized in all the areas of blogging.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! I have tried my best to simplify the complex concepts. If you any questions, feel free to ask!

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