How to save money being a stay-at-home mom?


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Are you a stay-at-home who is brooding over adding an extra income? Do you find yourselves wasting hours and hours on the internet just to earn some extra cash? If yes, the good news is, you can save money still being at home with your loved ones. But, How? Nowadays, there are more many opportunities available online, and if that is not your cup of tea, there are other possibilities to save money. Do you want to know some exciting ways to save money by being a stay-at-home mom?


Is it difficult to run a single income family? The truth is, it is hard. But it is possible to overcome this, with careful budgeting and proper planning. Yeah, it is accompanied by some sacrifices and giving away of some choices. But think about the happiness you brings through this, to your family. Maybe your husband is the sole breadwinner of the family, and he is trying to do His best to meet the financial needs. He may not be expressing the stress he had at the office or the hurdles he had to overcome. But he might be ready to do his best as a father or a husband, without compromising anything. But think how much you can support him if you are frugal in spending!

In my case, my husband does the financial budgeting in his way, and it works out for our family. But if you are someone who would like to help your husband in the budgeting part, work out together and find out the best that suits your family. And if you are new to budgeting, check David Ramsey’s budget planner, it will take you through a fantastic journey.

Now, let us consider some simple and effective tricks to cut down the additional expenses that we all often face.

Don’t let the coupons fool you

When my husband and myself started our life together, I was so excited to save some extra dollars by being frugal and sticking to a budget. It was not exhausting as it should be, but it was like involving and trying out different ideas and figuring out the best alternative. I had this crazy attitude to grab things whenever I found a good deal. But later, I realized all those deals made me buy up things that I probably would never have bought. Now, I started looking for coupons that meet my daily necessities rather than feeding my wants.

Early planner saves a lot 

Do you think planning doesn’t work out for you? But the good news is having a plan can stop you from cluttering your cart with unwanted items.  If you are a busy person and hardly find time for yourself, I recommend trying some of these apps to make budget oriented meal plans.

Mealime-Meal Plans &Recipes: This app is ideal for busy singles, couples, and families who love simpler and healthier meals.

Mealboard: An Ideal app which helps in meal planning, groceries and pantry management.

Bring: This app simplifies shopping list and makes shopping fun.

Flipp: Flipps makes shopping easy, and you can save more from the brands that you love.

Old is gold 

If you are planning to move to a new house, and you hardly have money for everything. Then, why not try some used furniture or other goods that can be bought at a relatively low price.

Craigslist is one of the world’s known marketplaces where you can search from simple clothing to houses for rent. This site also notifies attractive sales and deals in your local area of residence. You have to find out the right options that match your interest.

And thrift store offers an array of quality goods at an affordable price. Some of the thrift store chains that provide valuable services are Salvation Army, Mission, Value Village, etc.

Pack the Lunch

How often do you pack lunch when you go out on a trip? Most of us neglect packing food for a journey as it is celebrated as a chance to eat out. But the fact is sometimes you overpay for eating more than the traveling expense.  Avoid last-minute purchase of food items if you are planning a vacation instead stock snack items when they are on sale. And when going for a day trip always make it a point to pack foods that are easy to cook and handy.

Know your boundaries

Do you find yourself struggling to differentiate between necessities and luxuries, to enjoy a debt-free life? Luxury differs from person to person, something which is luxury for one may not be luxury for the other. In our family, luxury is to live a meaningful life of freedom in doing what we love. We don’t care how others think about our definition of luxury, for us, it is a journey of pursuing peace, hope, and fulfillment in life. We decided to design our lives in financial independence that makes us more creative, happy and live for the present. It doesn’t mean frugality is deprivation,  but a different definition of creative happiness.

Freezer meals avoid the temptation

Think about a tiring day, you hardly want to cook, and the only option is to dine out or to order some food from a restaurant. Am not saying you must eat out but we have to help ourselves from being an addict to any habit. What if you had stored some meals in the freezer when you had time to cook. All you have to do is warm up the food and enjoy it. Freezing meals not only saves money but it also keeps you from everyday cooking and gives you more time for the things you love.

Celebrate the left-over day

What is it? Well, do you know how much food you waste as leftovers? Sometimes, it is forgotten or may be overlooked in our busy schedule. Sad to say, I used to waste food like this because I barely remember what was there in the fridge until it was discovered someday. Then it was my hubby who encouraged and gave the idea of “left-over day”, on which we finish all the leftover food in the fridge. Why not try this and take a day of rest. If not interested in this, why not try some new recipes with your leftovers. Trust me that will turn out so tasty!

Don’t have a pantry? Why not!!

Pantry refers to a room or cabinet used to store food, beverages, utensils, and household items. It is not mandatory to have a pantry, but it seriously saves your time, money and energy.  If you don’t have a pantry, or not enough space to be used as a pantry, try considering any reservoir or any storage space that is available. That serves the purpose. Try stocking up items in the season when it is cheap, and sales are around. And you could preserve food for long-term use by canning, freezing and even dehydrating fruits and vegetables. Test this and avoid confusions on-trips to shops, price fluctuations, and other emergencies such as a power outage or an unexpected weather condition.

Are you a meat lover?

I hope you don’t mind what I say now! Meat is one of the most expensive grocery items that can eat away your savings. Try some alternate creative ideas and some resolutions that can save your money and your health. In our family, we buy meat once in a month, in bulk and divide it for future use. Try using a FoodSaver vacuum sealer machine by which you can seal the meat properly and freeze it.

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Professional Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Stainless Steel Cover for food savers & Sous Vide, Include Starter Bags&Roll, Sliver

Use drying rack for summer

Our apartment bill includes the electric charge, but we have to pay extra for laundry, recently we figured out that we are spending more money on laundry. Although it is not possible to cut washing; if wisely exercised we could seriously save some money on these bills. Its summer now, what is your idea about stop using the dryer and air drying the clothes on the drying rack. If you have less space to air dry, wash the clothes in such a way that you could find enough area to dry.

Ultimately, life is not all about living to spend or earning to spend, if we are focused and intentional in life, we can find a fruitful life with the less we have, and the smarter we think, happier our lives will be.

If you are a smart, frugal mom, I would be glad to know your money saving tips and ideas. Please feel free to share your views in the comment section!! 













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