Flexible and legitimate jobs for stay-at-home moms

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Is it possible to get into the competitive world again? Will some jobs offer flexible work options so that I could take care of the baby? These questions often affect stay at home moms, some quits, but some cling on. Nowadays, information is available with just a few clicks, and everything is smooth. But sometimes it can be overwhelming and demotivating too.

There are several flexible job options for those who are willing. Identifying the nature and the demands of the work is essential. There are thousands of jobs available in the market and if you feel inadequate for a particular job, try to check some other job.

The nature of the job can be general or technical. General jobs include marketing services as well as customer care services. The highlight of these type of jobs are there will be on-the-job training, and the education requirements are also less.

Let us see some jobs that require some technical knowledge.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

The job sound pretty exciting right!! Virtual assistant performs a wide variety of tasks such as administrative works, content writing as well as work schedule management. So, it is crucial for a VA to be initiative and a good learner. VA should be keen on updating latest technology trends and should be good in managing time.

Virtual assistant jobs are fit for those who have some experience in related field or a technical person. Many resources offer training to become VA. But the success depends upon hitting the right person at the right time. If you are someone with relatively no experience, and you are interested in becoming a VA, try some of the resources that provide in-depth training and guidance. There are free resources available online that can help you build the skills required to be a VA.

If you are a person with experience in any field, check for the possibility to become a VA in your area of expertise. Say, for example, you are a graduate in accounting and have worked as an accountant too. Then you can search for virtual assistant jobs in bookkeeping services. Many companies or small firms offer flexible work from home options. If you are not convenient to work with someone, you can even start your business by building up a small website and promoting it. The average salary for VA is 22.50/hour.

Website Testing

Website testing is a job that can be done in the comforts of home. The job is all about reviewing the quality of a website, ease of navigation and the user-friendliness of the site. The website tester requires saying opinions on a website provided for testing. All you need is a laptop, high-speed internet, microphone and fluency in English. Some tests also offer screen capture software to record the website test. A website tester earns $10 per test on average.

Online ESL Teacher

Online tutoring is gaining popularity because of its flexible nature. There are many online tutoring jobs, but among that, I prefer online ESL teacher jobs the most. To be an ESL teacher, you need to have ESL teacher training certificate and a bachelors degree. But there are also online platforms or companies that hire native English speakers for part-time. If you are a native English speaker, looking for some extra income, you can work with some online platform as English tutors. And if you are someone, who love to take this as a work from home career, take the online certification program, and be competitive. The average pay scale for this job is $20/hour.

Medical Transcription

Earn a good salary working from home for the healthcare industry. Medical transcription means transcribing medical audio files into written formats. This is an ideal job for those who have good listening as well as typing skills and good knowledge of medical terms. A certification program helps to crack this, and it also aids in the job searching process. Only the initial task feel to be tedious, once you get through this, you can earn a steady decent income working from home. The average salary for a medical transcriptionist is 18.32/hour.

Each of the jobs listed above requires some extra effort and your valuable time. But if you are ready to take the initial steps, you can avoid being stressful later on thinking about home-based incomes. Always try when you can, and learn more when you are still capable. The world is always willing to take you in, if and only if you are well-equipped.

I would like to hear from you about your work from home ideas. Feel free to comment below!!




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