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How Cooking Together as a Family Can Increase Family Bonding

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Amidst the extremely hectic life we all have, cooking together as a family, especially if you have kids is something we tend to avoid. But we often forget how essential it is to come together after forgetting about all our distractions and spend some quality time together. 

Cooking together as a family doesn’t seem like something that helps you bond better with your family members, but it definitely does. But most of us fail to understand the importance of cooking with family members to improve your relationship with them and to also improve the family bond. 

In this article, we are going to list some ways in which cooking together as a family can enable you to strengthen the bond with your family members and also make a lot of memories everyone will cherish.

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Remember the Value of Spending Time Together

As we have already said in the beginning, it’s hard to get together when each member in the family has a completely different schedule, each of which demands different things.

But getting together to cook only one meal every once in a while changes the game. 

Cooking together as a family helps you understand that being with your loved ones is far more important than working on your dreams, playing sports or earning money.

Everyone gets to relive the feeling of being together and learn how great it feels to be surrounded by people who truly care for you.

Through this, you quickly understand the value of the relationship you have with each of your family members and feel closer to them than you ever did before. 

Cooking is a Fun Way to Connect With Your Little Ones

Kids typically adore cooking – they always want to be like their parents and cook food that others can eat and the enjoying little more than seeing the delight on people’s faces when they sample their culinary genius. Well, at least until they get older usually!

Cooking together as a family means you can allow your kids to experience a healthy pride in their accomplishments and learn to create new and exciting things. Many a chef was born in the kitchen, stirring a bowl of cake batter or preparing a dish next to mom or dad as a little child.

It’s a great way to get your kids to learn a skill that they will find extremely useful later in their adult life.

Cooking together will help you teach them to make the basic meals and also start conversations with them as you prepare delicious food.

If you struggle to connect with your kids, this can give you the chance to do that and help them feel your love and care for them and what is happening in school, with friends or sports or hobbies they love. 

It’s a Way to Make Memories That Last Forever

A family that shares a lot of joyous memories and moments together automatically tends to have a tighter bond. Cooking together as a family enables you to make those fun, happy memories together. 

If you think about it for a while, you may also remember some of your happiest childhood memories being centered around the kitchen. That’s because cooking gives you the chance to do something relaxing together and have a laugh as you prepare delicious meals that you will be able to enjoy later. 

A family that shares a lot of joyous memories and moments together automatically tends to have a tighter bond. Cooking together as a family enables you to make those fun, happy memories together. #family #parenting #cookingwithkids Click To Tweet

You Get to Share Family Recipes with Later Generations

There’s just something amazing about getting to share the family traditions and recipes that you have used for years to the next generation that is to come. Cooking together as a family allows you to do that which again makes you reconnect with your loved ones. 

Whether it’s a special ingredient you add to a certain recipe to make it amazing, or its a kitchen hack your parents told you, it’s incredible to get to be in the kitchen with your little ones and teach those things to them. The younger ones also feel proud to know the family secrets and use them on their own for the first time. 

One of the most treasured items in our home is the recipe box my husband’s grandmother kept. While times have changed and many of our recipes are now online, just knowing she wrote them out by hand and they were dishes from my husband’s childhood makes it so special to me.

Maybe you can create some recipe cards for your favorite dishes. There is just something about future generations looking back and seeing it in your own handwriting that makes it so special. So even though you may find your favorite recipes online, you can always write it out for your future grandkids or great grandkids to see and pass down.

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Competing With Your Family Members Just for Fun!

Healthy competition is always fun – and no one is a better competitor than your family members who enjoy spending time with you and helping you learn something new. Cooking together as a family can give you that opportunity to have a Master Chef-like competition in your own kitchen. 

Whether you have these competitions every other weekend or only when you get together on holidays, it’s another fun way to get the entire family to work together. Have some prizes for the winners of the competition to add to the fun (I know that alone would make my competitive husband, who is also a great cook, nudge everyone out of the running) and it’s another great way to bond with your family. 

Sharing the Same Space Enables You to Share the Same Joy as Well

As you are cooking together, you naturally tend to hover around each other and share work and food with your loved ones. “Sharing is caring” is something we all know, and that’s exactly how cooking helps us strengthen the bond with our loved ones. 

Whether it’s sharing the various kitchen duties, sharing the food that you cook, or sharing anything else during the process, it’s going to help you feel closer to the family.

Not to mention that it will make you so happy to see the smile on their face as they succeed at cooking because of you. Therefore sharing is another way in which cooking together as a family can bring you all much closer than you already are. 

Cooking with family might not sound as thrilling to older kids who already feel they see us enough, but trust me when I say it’s really important to share with them the WHY of cooking together so that they see it as more than just a “chore” they’re having to help with. 

To be honest…we often instill that feeling of dread in them when WE act as though cooking feels like a chore. If we bring everyone together, even just one night a week to start, the enjoyment of making those meals together will be evident to everyone.

So, we talked about several reasons why cooking with family can help you build a stronger bond with each one of them and bring you closer to each other. We hope that this enables you to understand the benefits of cooking together so you can also start doing it more often with your loved ones. 

Sharing is Caring!