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8 Best Homeschool Planners and the Must-Haves to Include in Your Homeschool Lesson Planners

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It’s planning season again and time to find the best homeschool planners to use!

Before we dive into the best homeschool planners, let’s consider what your homeschool lesson planners should include.

Here are seven things to include in your homeschool lesson planners to make sure you have an amazing homeschool year.

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7 Must-Haves for Your Homeschool Lesson Planners

1. The Vision for Your Homeschool

When you are planning your homeschool, it’s important to develop a vision statement. A good place start is with what matters most for education in general and then customize the rest based on individual needs! Consider:

  1. What subject areas do we need?
  2. How much time will they have each day (or week)?
  3. Skills that are must-dos once outside of home
  4. Coursework desired when I send them off into society

Once you have your vision in place then print it, include a copy with each planning page of the school year and refer to them before making decisions about curriculum purchases or extracurricular activities.

If you would like some handholding on how to write a homeschool vision, you can check out this free 30-minute webinar on how to get it done.

2. Homeschooling Goals for Your Children

The first step in creating a plan for your kids is to think about their goals. Goals give you insight into where they’re strong and weaknesses may exist, as well as ways that can be used more often or reinforced at home, so they’ll continue improving!

One of the best ways to stay on track with your goals is by keeping them in a planner. Check back periodically throughout each school year and make sure that you are making progress towards meeting those objectives!

It’s also important, once every so often (Ideally at least monthly), to take time out from what you’re doing and evaluate how you and your child(ren) are progressing toward your goals.

3. State Requirements for Homeschooled Students

State requirements for homeschooling are always changing, which can make it difficult to keep up. Keeping a print-out of your state’s current laws handy will help you know all the legal obligations that come with teaching at home this year without guessing!

You can find state-by-state homeschool requirements here.

If you have a high school student, I would also add admission requirements for your chosen colleges to this list of must-haves.

4. Your Homeschool Legal Paperwork

It’s always good to have a copy of your documents right at hand in case you need them. You can keep all of these in your homeschool lesson for all the important information that will help guide and motivate your child through their homeschool experience!

Documents might include a state-issued form or letter of intent or a document or card from a cover school.

If the worst-case scenario ever arises, you’ll be glad that your finger is on it. You never know when an emergency might happen it’s better to be prepared so that you can quickly put your hands on the documents, if needed.

Of course, having it handy for proof when signing up for amazing teacher discounts is great, too!

5. A Schedule for Your Homeschool Year

Are you going to school year-round? Will you follow the local school calendar? Or, perhaps, sabbath schooling (six weeks on and one week off) or another variation?

Whichever you choose, having a plan in place will help you be more consistent, and therefore more successful, in your schooling.

6. An Attendance Tracker

Keeping track and remembering your child’s attendance can be difficult. For me personally it is one thing I often forgot to do because there are so many other things on my plate!

The easiest way we found for our family was using a simple paper log and tuck in the front of our homeschool lesson planners.

The Best Homeschool Planners for 2021-2022

Do you have your homeschool lesson planners for the year, yet?

In our recommendations for the best homeschool planners, you’ll find some are physical that are printed and shipped to you, while others are digital downloads for you to print (at home or a local print shop).

Some of the planners have tons of features and extras and cost more, while others are free, and you can customize to meet your family’s homeschool needs.

Fun, functional planners are all the rage these days. So many people have caught on and are adding stickers or doodles to their plans! The new trend even crossed over into homeschool planner space too – totally fun for parents who want a little something extra with their homeschooling but also super important because they help you stay organized no matter what life throws at you.

With as many years of homeschooling as I have behind me, I’ve tried quite a few different planners and, in my opinion (and thousands of others), these are the best homeschool planners out there.

1. A Plan In Place For My Year

With several editions available including Homeschool Teacher Planner, Grade School Planner, High School Planner, Early Learner Planner, and printable editions (plus fun stickers if you are so inclined), you can find the best homeschool planners for your homeschool needs.

A Plan in Place offers personalized homeschool planners to make your days more productive. You can customize the weekly schedule and meet the needs of your children’s education by adding assignments, activities or field trips as needed for each day of the week!

The Plan in Place teacher edition starts with a section for goals and planning. You have pages to plan your family’s mission, brainstorm ideas for kids of all ages, work together as you explore homeschooling curriculum resources or mealtime menu options; it’s easy-to-use!

The planner offers the option of a monthly view, as well. I like to plan ahead and have a monthly calendar handy. It’s helpful for me when it comes time for vacations, field trips or schoolwork! The larger view seems perfect because then I know what days are free from any other events scheduled and it is easier to plan.

One of my favorite parts about this planner is the record-keeping and note-taking section. You can use it for medical information, important dates, or appointments you want to remember later on down the road, expenses that need recording, so they don’t get forgotten—you name it!

We love it as it includes sections for all the must-need information mentioned in the previous section – all at your fingertips!

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The best part of A Plan in Place planners is the weekly plan.

The weekly planner is customizable to fit your needs. You can choose from one or two pages per week, list the days of the week along the top row and keep it simple or do you want a planner that uses a row for each child, or do you prefer a planner with a row for each subject? Or do you want a planner that’s organized by subject and child?

The options are endless!

Don’t worry, A Plan in Place has that, too. You can choose the stock option so that you’re not overwhelmed by trying to customize your planner week after week – just adjust it as needed!

A Plan in Place is the best homeschool lesson planner for you and your family. It can accommodate any number of children, no matter how many there may be!

One of the best ways to stay on track with your goals is by keeping them in a planner. Check back periodically throughout each school year and make sure that you are making progress towards meeting those objectives. Click To Tweet

2.  Weekly Homeschool Planner

This undated, editable, and printable homeschool lesson planner can be used forever!  No need to buy new planners every homeschool year!

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What’s inside this editable pdf planner?

  • 138 planning pages ~ 8 1/2″ x 11″ sized
  • 12 blank month-at-a-glance pages
  • 40 weeks of weekly planning and journal sheets: each page can be customized to the subjects that your family studies and can be saved to your computer!
  • Preschool planning sheets
  • Field trip/Event plan sheets
  • Yearly curriculum planning sheets
  • Yearly planning and evaluation sheets
  • Yearly attendance tracking sheets
  • Field trip/Event plan sheets
  • Daily to-do lists
  • Main dish menu planner
  • Customizable chore charts
  • Important contacts info
  • Additional note space
  • Standardized testing and yearly assessment result tracking
  • Homeschooling requirement planning

Type your lesson plans into the form and print them off or simply save them to your computer, the choice is up to you! You can edit your plans any time and even save your planner to your computer to have a digital copy each year. Use the ‘save as’ feature in Adobe to rename the

file and you will have a digital record of your lesson plans for years to come!

View a sample peek of the Weekly Homeschool Planner.

3. The Well-Planned Day

Dated July 1st to June 30th, The Well Planned Day is definitely in the top five for best homeschool planners this planner fits families who school the traditional 180 days and the ones who school year-round.

Each week, there is room to lesson plan for four students. The core subjects of Bible, math, science, history, and English are included. Also included is additional space to plan for the extras. Along with daily assignments, there are boxes for attendance and grading or marking complete.

The weekly spread also includes weekend activities, mom’s to-do list, dinner menu planning, and space to schedule self-care. When planning your dinner menu, take advantage of the perforated shopping lists. There’s a full sheet each month.

Begin each month with a large monthly grid to schedule appointments, family events, goals, and a read through the Bible in a year plan. This is followed by a monthly article on planning, organization, or homeschool teaching.

The Well-Planned Day additionally includes a monthly reading page to record literature for each student, the family read-alouds, and—most importantly—the library books and when they are due back. Across from this page is the fun learning page which incorporates field trip planning. Each month there are also book and activity suggestions based on the holidays or season.

Beyond the daily assignments, you’ll find curriculum planning, schedule worksheets, attendance reports, and grade logs – all the must-haves for a homeschool lesson planner and more as described in the introduction section of this post.  Additional planning includes cleaning schedules, chore charts, holiday planning section, year-end reviews, and tear out report cards.

The Well-Planned Day Homeschool Planner includes room for contacts, pages for home management and meal planning, as well as articles, tips, and the organization pages you need to plan your homeschool. It’s an all-in-one planner.

4. A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner (Parent Edition)

A Simple Plan offers you the flexibility of planning and organizing your school year however that looks for your family. Are you a year-round homeschool that takes off a month or so, here and there? No problem! Or are you a traditional school calendar family? This planner works for you too! 

Focusing only on academics, this planner helps keep your homeschool simple! 

image of cover of a simple plan homeschool planner for the post 8 Best Homeschool Planners and the Must-Haves to Include in Your Homeschool Lesson Planners

Other features include:
– Deep built-in pockets on the inside of both front and back covers
– Thick paper for no ink bleed through
– Large daily squares to write-in or decorate
– Encouraging Bible verses on title pages 
– Lined Future Planning Pages

Planning section:
– Quick Glance Yearly Calendars 2021-2024
– Student Weekly Schedule
– Yearly Overview by student and subject – 4 quarters and 36 weeks

And dozens more features, but despite how much this planner offers, it is simple and straightforward and includes only your homeschool lesson planners.

A Simple Plan: Homeschool Student Planner 

Teach your students to organize, plan, schedule, and easily keep records of their own with A Simple Plan Homeschool Student Planner 2021-2022 Grow Where You Are Planted! Our exclusive 12-month dated planner features detailed organized pages for your teenager’s entire school year. Plus, it reflects the corresponding Parent Planner for ease of use.

  • Other features include:
  • Deep pockets on the inside of both front and back covers
  • Thick paper for no ink bleed through
  • Yearly Calendars with Holidays and customizable space
  • First and Second Semester pages with space for goals and notes – see at a glance those 1/2 credit courses!
  • Lined Future Planning
  • Encouraging Bible verses on title pages
image of a simple plan cover student edition for the post8 Best Homeschool Planners and the Must-Haves to Include in Your Homeschool Lesson Planners

Monthly Sections:

  • Things to Accomplish; Special Activities (ACT/SAT practice/test dates, field trips, competitions, etc.); Websites; Reading List; Prayer Requests and Answers
  • Full Monthly Calendar with spacious blocks and lined Notes area

Weekly/Daily Assignments

  • 6 main subjects
  • lined Notes and Memory Work areas

Final Thoughts Section:

  • Steps to Salvation and Testimony
  • Suggested scriptures to memorize 
  • Things I Accomplished; Things I Loved; I Am Changed Because 
  • Full lined note pages

5. PurpleTrail Homeschool Planner

Purple Trail offers a beautiful homeschool planner with several different options to customize the planner and keep you organized during your school year. You can choose between an 8.5″x11″ large size or smaller 6″x8”.  I love the larger one as it gives me more room to write notes on lesson plans and other important information.

Flip open this monthly planner to find a page for each month of the school year. You’ll see your focus and goals for that period, what supplies you’ll need in addition any curriculum resources or other helpful information like quick reminders about important dates!

The weekly sheets make it easy to keep track of your children’s progress. You can list them down the side or leave a few spaces for flexibility depending on changing circumstances throughout the year, while at bottom there is an area designed specifically as a ‘to-do’ list where you will be able to write any small tasks that come up during homeschooling hours

The “weekly sheet” has been created especially so parents like yourself may better organize themselves plus remember what needs doing later in one convenient location.

The planner also includes a section for unit plans! These pages are perfect for planning unit or family studies you’ll complete throughout the school year.

PurpleTrail’s homeschool planner has everything you need to stay on track. And more importantly, it’s designed to be a planner you’ll love to use!

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6. CM (Charlotte Mason) Home Education Organizer

Simplify your planning and record-keeping with the CM Organizer, the only online homeschool planner designed especially for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. A top choice of best homeschool planners for those that follow the Charlotte Mason method.

At a Glance

  • Use CM-friendly living books. You’re not tied to a single textbook for each subject.
  • Take your schedule one day at a time. There’s no pressure to do assignments by a certain date, so you can focus on the assignments for just today.
  • Schedule Charlotte Mason subjects such as nature study.
  • Grades aren’t required to track your progress.

You’ll find monthly planning pages, Advent planning pages, booklist pages, a list of supplies needed by month, nature walk checklist, daily chores, mother culture, inspirational quotes, morning meeting pages, subject notes, both the 2021 and the 2022 calendars, and more!

7. Smart Mama Digital Planner

Another digital planner, NOT geared toward the Charlotte Mason approach is the Smart Mama Digital Planner.

Plan, schedule, record, and track with the 2021-2022 SmartMama™ Planner. Customizable and unique, our digital planner is smart – like you! Download and use on a device or print yours.

The SmartMama™ Planner was designed just for smart homeschooling mamas like you! Certainly among the list of best homeschool planners, it includes schedule lessons, record completed work, build budgets, and manage goals and chores. Track everything from preschool progress to high school transcripts with specific pages for every stage. Refresh your heart and focus on what’s truly important with prayer journaling spaces and monthly devotions. Each detail and lovely page will help you stay organized and inspired as you guide your family through their school days. Since the SmartMama™ Planner is digital, it’s customizable for your family and can be used with any number of children. Download for use on a device or print as many pages as you need. Start planning, smart mama!

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8. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

Count your blessings while charting your family’s homeschool journey with this gorgeous day planner from best-selling author Debra Bell. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner will help you prayerfully prioritize your family’s lessons, assignments, and activities as well as academic and personal growth goals for each of your children. Includes teaching helps, record-keeping, and pages to document God’s faithfulness throughout the year. Now available in two different cover styles to coordinate with the colors of your life. This is a classic in the category of best homeschool planners.

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We want to hear from you! Which is your favorite of the homeschool lesson planners? What are some of the features that make it work best for you and your family? Let us know in the comments below.

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