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13 Best Budget Planner Apps with 8 Bonus Apps for Money Management

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In our digital world and with nearly everyone having a smartphone in hand, managing your finances is getting easier. I’ve compiled 21 free apps for finance to help you with everything from budgeting, saving, paying bills and monitoring your credit.

Some have paid versions, but most are entirely free.

Whether you are struggling to make ends meet and need a budget or looking to sock away more in your savings account, we’ve got you covered.

If you prefer a paper budget planner, see the bottom of this post for the best budget planner books that we have found.

The best budget planner apps are included as well as credit monitoring apps and overall money management apps. Links to download for Android or iOS are also included. You are sure to find the best budget planner app for you and your individual situation.

Information and pricing are accurate up to day this post was published.

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Credit Monitoring Apps

Credit Karma (Free)

credit karma screen; best budget planner



While not necessarily on a list of best budget planner apps, whether you’re seeking a loan for a car or need to rent an apartment, your credit score matters. Credit Karma is a free app that retrieves and monitors your credit scores from credit bureaus Equifax and TransUnion.

The app explains what your scores mean and offers product recommendations — credit cards, insurance and loans — that fit your personal financial circumstance. Credit Karma monitors your credit with weekly and daily updates and notifications.

Experian (Free)

experian mobile app; best budget plan apps



Your credit report and FICO® Score—all free. They also offer a free service, Experian Boost, which helps to boost your credit score through reflection of on-time bills paid. I (Sue) have boosted my score by 18 points through this, alone!

In our digital world and with nearly everyone having a smartphone in hand, managing your finances is getting easier. I've compiled 21 free apps for finance to help you with everything from budgeting, saving, paying bills and… Click To Tweet

Apps for Managing and Paying Bills


prism budgeting app screen



Prism allows users to see their account balances and bills on one platform. Bills can be paid directly from the app or scheduled for payment later. The service sends impending due date and payment confirmation notifications. The way Prism works is pretty simple. Basically, it’s a bill management app that lets you see and pay all of your bills from a single app. The app only works on your phone and there’s no web app for it at the moment.

Best Budget Planner Apps


acorn budgeting app screen; best budget planner apps



Acorns isn’t technically a best budget planner app, but a savings tool. It helps users save more money by automatically harvesting the change each time they swipe a linked card. So, for instance, if a transaction adds up to $1.50, Acorns rounds it up to $2 and sends that 50 cents into an investment portfolio diversified with exchange-traded funds. It’s a mindless way to invest, with reasonable fees: $1 a month for Lite, $3 for Personal and $5 for Family.


mint budgeting app



Mint is one of the most popular and highly reviewed of the best budget planner apps. The app automatically updates and categorizes transactions, creating a picture of spending in real time. Users can add their own categories, pay bills, split ATM transactions into the purchases made with that cash, and set budgets that alert you when they start to top out.

The service also comes with a free credit score. Mint brings together everything from spending, balances, and budgets to your credit score and more. Access your financial life in one powerful app.

Pocket Guard

pocket guard finance app



PocketGuard boils budgeting down to the only thing many users want to know: how much they have for spending. It crunches the numbers to show how much money is available after accounting for bills, spending and savings goal contributions. All users can view how much money is left “in their pocket” for the day, week or month.

Those who want to dial down further can track certain categories of spending — like groceries, clothing or eating out — and lower their bills. Definitely needs to be included in this list of best budget planner apps.

Dollar Bird

dollarbird free apps for finances 1024x512 1



Dollarbird  takes a collaborative, calendar-centric approach to budgeting and expense tracking. You can add, remove and edit expenses and income past and future in a calendar-style view, with some AI help to categorize your entries. You can then view your expenses and income in calendar and timeline mode, or via a series of handy infographics on your mobile device or through a web interface.

Premium users can create multiple budgeting calendars and share them with other users to collaboratively manage and log finances and expenses — great for small teams or families. Starts at 4.99 per month. This is a very popular one among the best budget planner apps.


honeyfi free apps for finances 1024x536 1



Honeyfi is an app for finance built around collaborative budgeting and households in mind. It’s a great one to add to any list of best budget planner apps. You can quickly set up a household budget as well as link your individual and household accounts to the app so that you can view all your expenses together.

You can tag transactions, add comments, create categories, and have the app automatically recommend a budget and share financial insights that can help you and your partner come to grips with your expenses and plan out your finances together.


fuedget budgeting app screen; best budget planner apps



Fudget is a simple, yet powerful mobile budgeting app for fiance. One button lets you add income, another expenses — all of which can be labeled and reordered on a simple timeline that displays your balance at the bottom. Swiping each entry lets you either set it as a recurring entry or delete it. And that’s it. No folders, no savings categories, photos, graphs, or other gimcrackery.

Power users will be left wanting for more, but for fast expense logging, Fudget is a nimble and easy to use app. An in-app purchase provides themes and a built-in calculator, while removing advertising. I love the name and it is so efficient that it is simply a must-have to add to a list of best budget planner apps.


spendee budgeting planner app screen



Spendee  features a brightly colored, user-friendly interface that comes with great budgeting tracking tools, whether you’re a free user or a subscriber. Found on nearly every review of the best budget planner apps. Users can easily input and categorize expenses, complete with receipts and photos. You also can quickly view your expenses in a feed view, while the Overview mode offers useful infographics on your spending over time plus a breakdown of what items and categories you’re spending your money on.

Spendee has also added a budget creation tool, elevating it from expense tracker to proper budgeting app. Premium users get even more love, with bank account syncing for automatic expense logging, as well as multiple budgets, shareable savings wallets, and cross-device syncing.


mvelopes budget app for android and iOS



Mvelopes helps answer the question “Where does all my money go”? At the end of the month you may be surprised at how much went toward your morning lattes (not kidding). Mvelopes gives you the tools to track your daily spending while keeping your weekly or monthly budget in focus. The app features an “envelope budgeting” system that helps you plan as well as get feedback on how you spend your money.

A universal accounts screen lets you view checking, savings and credit card balances in one place. You can even sync the mobile app with the Mvelopes web app. Free trial then plans begin at 5.97 per month. If you are used to using envelopes for your budgeting, you’ll love this digital version of the best budget planner!

To learn more about using an envelope system for budgeting, consider reading Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.


digit budget planner app screen



Digit may be the easiest way to sock away a few extra bucks without even trying and is a one of the strong free apps for finances you should check out. Every few days, Digit checks your spending and tries to salvage a few dollars from your checking account, if you can afford it. After you connect your checking account to Digit, the app analyzes your income and spending in search of small amounts (most often between $2-$17) to set aside and transfer to your Digit savings.

The app never transfers more than you can afford, so no worries about over-drafting — the app has a no-overdraft guarantee – that alone would make it worth adding to a list of the best budget planner apps.


qapital free apps for finance



Qapital is another banking app that aims to help automate your saving and budget goals, with smart, user-defined rules that automatically deposit a small amount into your Qapital Goals Account based on your transactions and purchases. These can include shaving off your change after every purchase, or depositing $10 to your vacation account every time you visit the gym. Once you hit your saving goal, such as the price of a vacation or new gadget, you can transfer the money back into your funding account to spend.

Alternatively, you can also get a few more perks with Qapital’s spending accounts and the Qapital Visa Debit Card. Free 30 day trial then plans start at $3 per month.


goodbudget planner app screen



Goodbudget is an envelope-based budgeting tracker that doubles as a finance manager, checkbook ledger and household budget planner, Goodbudget lets you manage your bills and finances while syncing across devices and the Web to share with family members. The app facilitates saving with Goal and Annual Envelopes, giving you tools to plan your spending or create a budget. Goodbudget is free, but subscribers get additional benefits like Unlimited Envelopes and additional syncing and transaction history. It’s one of the more higher reviewed apps for finance. Free plan and paid plan for $7 per month. This is one of the best budget planner apps I have found!

Overall Money Management Apps


albert money management app



Albert keeps track of all of your accounts and provides actionable, easy-to-understand recommendations for improving your financial health. The neat choice of apps for finance automatically creates a budget based on your spending habits, bills and income, and sets aside a portion of your funds in a savings account. Users who pay a small monthly fee in the amount of their choice can use the Albert Genius feature to text human experts and get personalized advice on topics like investing, paying down debt or saving for a goal.


wally money management app

Not available on Android


Wally aims to bring all of the financial information you need into easy view so you can quickly take control of your finances. Users can set a savings target, spending budget and income, which you can quickly reference on the main screen. We like that you can quickly create and view expenses, keep track of money saved and saving goals. Neat features include social and location tools for your expenses, allowing you to record not only how much you spend, but also where and with who, as well as detailed infographics of your spending. It’s really one of the most comprehensive apps for finance you can find.


wallet money management app


Wallet is another neat mobile budget and one of the cool apps for finance tool that touts a lot of best-in-class features, as well as support for multiple currencies. The app includes automatic bank syncing for your balance and expenses. It also gives you the option to manually import entries manually, label transactions for easy tracking, and track budgets. Financial insight and other metrics and predictions display in easy visualizations to help you plan out your finances. While the app is free, you may want to consider paying the $14.99 for a premium subscription to take advantage of features like bank syncing, widgets, and more detailed charts and reports.


expenseIQ for android money management app


Not Available for iOS

Expense IQ (formerly EasyMoney) combines an expense tracker, budget planner, checkbook register and bill reminder to allow you to easily track daily expenses, create monthly budgets and analyze spending via customizable reports. The app’s Smart Overview shows account balances summary, critical expense reports, upcoming/overdue (be it one-time or recurring) bill reminders and budget warnings. It also features repeating transactions, transfers between accounts, and detailed, interactive reports.

Do you know of any more best budget planner apps? Tell us in the comments below. Do you use any of these? What do you think?

If you are more of an old-school kind of planner, you may prefer one of these best budget planner books, instead.

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